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The stories below are about some very special birds. You will find that these birds are survivors...they have a strong will to live and they overcome the obstacles put in their paths...truly amazing stories about these special babies and the people who take them in. If you would like to share your story, please send it to me at specialfids@aol.com.


I would like to share with you my bird's story, if that is okay. Zuzu is a pacific Parrotlet and I've only had her a year. She was a few months old when I got her, so she is young.

Two months ago, she got lead poisoning from an unknown source. After a terrifying week at the hospital where she almost died from a seizure, she is still with us. Slowly she has been regaining her strength, but she has since lost the use of her legs and wings. No one knows if she will regain use of them, but the vet says it usually takes a very long time to heal. There is still hope that she'll come out of it, but in case she doesn't, she will be handicapped for the rest of her life which is a devastating thought.

Other than the paralysis, she is a happy bird. She chirps a lot, and has actually gotten really good at moving around with just her beak and tail.

I would love to know your opinion. She's fought so hard and is still fighting. Vets, coworkers, friends and family all have ranging opinions, but the overall consensus is that she is adapting to her paralysis and her quality of life is good and she is happy, despite her inability to walk or fly. Putting her down feels wrong because she moves her neck, torso and tail a lot. She preens herself, too.

Thank you so much for reading this, and I really appreciate any opinion or thoughts!


I have a cockatoo with one foot...But her so called good foot is really useless. From being left on the bottom of a cage for months she has lost all muscle tone in her foot, so it looks flat and she can't use it....She was given to me a month after she had her foot removed from some sort of injury...It was the vet that gave her to me....It took her time to learn how to get around but she can climb around her cage using her beak. She has learned she can't hold onto her food so she will take her food and hold it against the bowl or the bars on her cage...The dogs prefer her doing it on the bars so they get the food that falls....I just make sure when I give her treats they are small enough for her to handle with her beak....Before Becca came to live with me she was in terrible condition..She was bald on her chest and under her wings...She was so dirty from being on the bottom of her cage....She no longer plucks but there are areas on her chest and under her wings that the feathers never grew back.
The vet said all she did was scream but here her screaming is a normal cockatoo which isn't that bad. She is going to love you as much as you will love her. One thing that Becca did when she first came to live with us she would be on the bed playing with us and use the stump to grab at a toy...She would lift her leg up and look at it and scream...She would do the same thing when she went to scratch her head...Now it's normal life without it...She bends into the stump to scratch and uses the stump to hold down those toys till she can grab it with her beak. She even plays me for a sucker...She will be on her play perch and start screaming...I will run in to see her hanging by her beak off of her bowl...I will grab her and put her back on the perch....I walk out of the room she does it again...I love that girl! The best is when I hold her she lays in my hand like a chicken. She will allow some to hold her that way but a few she must know they are scared because she will use her beak to hold onto them and they think she is going to bite. But she doesn't, she is smart knowing well enough who should hold her or not...I even have a car seat for my car and she sits on it...It has a bowl so when the car gets bumpy she will bend down and hold onto the bowl...There were many times during the day she would fall off her perch in her cage...It also became a game I wound run in and she would be on the bottom of her cage giggling...She also figured out where to sleep at night...She will now sleep on the bottom of her cage...I guess she got tired of falling off her perch while sleeping.....You will see her life will be normal to her just heartbreaking to us till we realize our feathered kids are really okay without their feet.



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