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There are actually several options available for birds or parrots with leg, feet or mobility issues. This gives them a chance to rest. It's always recommended that natural perches be provided too. For those prone to falling, the perches can be placed towards the bottom of the cages. Once your bird or parrot has gained more strength and is getting around a little better, moving the perches up is always an option. I have added a link for bottlebrush perches below. They tend to have a better grip than other natural wood perches.

You may also want to consider placing several layers of newspaper with a towel or puppy pads on top of them...that way if your bird or parrot does fall, they will have a cushioned landing.

Prevue Wood Corner Shelf
Prevue Sundeck Small
Prevue Sundeck Large
Prevue Large Wood Platform
Prevue Small Wood Platform
Sundog Wood Platform
Alfie Lookout Platform

Hi Corner Litter Pan for Small Animals

Bottlebrush perches
Proselect Hammock