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I started this page as well as the facebook group for those who have special needs birds. In May of 2013, I brought home my first special baby...a 1.5 year old Blue and Gold Macaw who had had a baby stroke. She was still on two syringe feedings a day and had no strength or balance. She sat on her perch and made new born baby cries and did little, if anything else. I searched high and low for answers and ideas that would help her...that would bring her back to -or close to -the macaw she was supposed to be. There was very little, if anything, out there. However, with perservence, trial and error..Ethel did overcome most of the obstacles that had been dealt to her. Other than a slight limp in her left leg...she is a normal macaw. Within 8 months I had Ethel eating on her own, her balance had improved and her strength had returned. I'm here to tell you it's completely possible for these birds to live normal, healthy lives. They have a will to live, they learn to adjust and work around their disabilities and in the end, I am a firm believer that they also make the best and most lovable pets. It was through trial and error that I found the answers for Ethel. Her balance improved because I bought her a rope perch knowing that it would force her to learn to balance..of course, I kept it low to the bottom of the cage...but she loved it. It wasn't long before she was swinging side to side on it...not back and forth as you would expect...but side to side. As far as weaning her...I had to find a food that interested her enough to take that step...in Ethel's case, it was bananas. She went from bananas, to chop, to seed and chop. Ethel continues to amaze me. She is truly the most lovable blue and gold. She is willing to step up for anyone and entertain them with her inquisitive personality.

I have have welcomed many special needs babies in my home. Between split beaks, splay legs, liver damage, and brain injuries...I've had them all! Special needs animals honestly have a strong will to live and learn. They make wonderful family pets.

I have been scouring the internet looking for products that will improve the lives of the special babies out there. It's a constant search, but one I feel is worth the time. If you have a product or know of one not listed or covered, please feel free to contact me.

I would also like to include stories about these birds who have overcome the limitations they have been given. I think it's important for those who own birds like ours to know that these babies do overcome, they thrive and in many cases, they live long healthy lives. I will also be including chop recipes and dietary tips. I firmly believe that any animals needs a well balanced diet in order to live a long healthy life.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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